Running shoes
Running shoes

Running is one of the activities I enjoy because it takes me away from stuff (my work desk, tasks, duties, etc) and away from people (if I am running alone). It helps clear my head and sometimes gives me a fresh perspective on things. Not to forget all the health benefits and stuff, especially with the Melbourne lockdown that we are in now and we are staying home most of the time. Going for a run is like a mini getaway. I reckon I have been running heaps more since restrictions/lockdown compared to pre-COVID aka 2019 and earlier.

Here’s a piece I wrote on It was done in 2020 but it is mostly still relevant. Some companies have changed their offerings or their technology slightly but the motivation behind them (Smart Courts) and what they are trying to solve is largely similar — to improve the tracking and promotion of competitions and to help with training and coaching applications. It showcases a good mix of technologies in professional applications down to what every tennis coach/player could own and use as long as they have a smartphone.

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A reposting from SportsTechnologyBlog :: Some of the top injuries in Ice hockey players include head, shoulder and neck injuries. Most of them happen as a result of collisions. We dive into some of the different technologies that can help prevent, monitor and manage those injuries. We cover things like materials innovations, impact sensors, wearable sensors for rehab and assessment, diagnostic assessment tools and more, while gleaning from evidence in research.

Ice Hockey

Melbourne Ice House

Ice Hockey is a fast paced and high energy game. It can’t really be compared to any other team sport. Field hockey might come close because it is played…

I put together an overview of devices that could help monitor an athlete’s sleep. It was originally posted on (link) and it covers 4 main types of devices: wearables, sleeping mats, bedside devices and on-bed devices. They all hook up to your smart phone (iOS or Android) and provide a surprising amount (heaps) of information about your snooze. The list (of devices) is, of course, not exhaustive. There really isn’t a type of device that is the best. Instead, it depends on what suits the individual’s needs best. (Personally, I prefer the sleep mat sensor because it just tracks…

Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

Resharing another old post I did on about the iPhone’s camera vision and ARKit capabilities (original link). Although this was written back in 2018, I believe this technology is only starting to become more widely used in the last year or so; and especially with the newer devices that come with even more powerful hardware (cameras, processors and SDKs).

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The iPhone is a pretty impressive piece of equipment as we mentioned in an earlier post about IMUs(inertial measurement…

Keeping an athlete hydrated not only keeps them safe but can make a difference in their performance. In a post I previously published on sportstechnologyblog, I looked at two main types of technologies that are out there (sweat and saliva based) that can help manage and prevent dehydration. Each have their pros and cons. Read on to find out more.

Staying hydrated is really important to staying healthy and maintaining proper function of every system in our body. It is commonly recommended for people to have 8 glasses of water throughout the day (roughly 2 litres or half a gallon)…

Tracking punches and kicks in Combat Sports can be achieved using wearable inertial sensors. There have been lots of research done in this area and also a handful of products that are sold in the market. On top of all that I also suggest a couple of things that should be considered or explored further with wearable sensors in this area.

Combat Sports

Combat sports or fighting sports as described in wikipedia is a competitive contact sport that usually involves one-on-one combat; and typically, a contestant wins by scoring more points than the opponent or by disabling the opponent. They can be…

Over the last 5–6 months, I have had different conversations with people who are working on technologies related to soccer. And I recall writing about Tactical Analysis in Soccer for SportTechie some years back and thought I will reshare it here plus add a bit of update as some things have changed since then.

What are some of the Football Tactical Analysis Websites?

Squawka is a tactical analysis web application that provides a platform where one can view real-time and post-match statistics of (almost) everything that goes on in a football match. This includes time of possession, number of passes…

The term bespoke or tailor-made brings to mind an image of a tailor measuring up a customer with a measuring tape so that he can make a suit that fits the customer. Four things typically happen in the whole suit-making process: 1) measuring the customer, 2) picking the preferred materials, 3) making the first fitting and 4) making adjustments based on the first fitting and customer’s feedback. The fourth step might repeat if the subsequent fittings are still not satisfactory. It is a tedious process but the outcome is getting the perfect fit for the customer.

In sports, athletes can…

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Sports Engineer, Thinker, Dreamer. Into wearables, movement tracking technology and a bit of data science. #sportstech #healthtech #wearabletech

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